Dads….Don’t They Have Rights Too?

Since abortion is a hot topic button lately, let’s get right down to the real nitty gritty. Women like to use the phrase, “My body, my choice.” They also like to throw out ignorant things like a man should not be making decisions for my body, well honey, a man used that body to get you pregnant, something you allowed, and the baby, well, the baby had no say. That is just the truth of the matter. You didn’t get pregnant on your own, you did not get pregnant by another female, you got pregnant by a man.

Let’s talk about Dad’s rights, because if it is your body, your choice, it is most certainly his sperm, his choice. In a class I took, women were all about the rights of women in regards to their bodies, but when it came to the men, they were not all about their rights. Heaven forbid you be the woman defending the man’s rights in this class. Yet, when it comes to having an abortion, they have none. That is their child growing inside of you and they have no say or no way to protect the life that is growing. That is just ridiculous, right? Heaven forbid a man actually steps up and wants to be a man and take care of his child, but its your body and you don’t want to spend nine months carrying him or her around, so he can have it. I get it, you are not ready to be a mom, but for the nine minutes it took to create that life, you were not considering the potential consequences.

Your body your choice, but what what about his sperm, his choice?

When a woman gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby, she has all the rights there too, but what if the man says he doesn’t want to be a dad? What are his opt out options? You can go after him for child support, and will most likely get it. I have seen cases where Dad is denied rights to see his own child, but is mandated to pay for the child. Yet, when women get pregnant and want to keep the baby, they fully expect to have the mans wallet opened to pay for the child. Your body, your choice, but what about his wallet, his choice? Oh, no, I bet you really don’t like that phrase.

The narrative only fits when it suits what YOU are aiming for. Dad’s should have rights to. Dad should be able to go to court and prevent an abortion for the sake of allowing him to raise the child on his own. Hey, its win, win, you don’t have to be apart of the life you don’t want, and he gets to be the dad he wants to be.

Don’t get me wrong and twist my words, my wallet scenario is essentially fair, but neither situation is a good one in my opinion. Why do you think God intended sex to be only for marriage? Because obviously outside of marriage, it is messy. God intended for families to be created within the bonds of marriage, not on the outside of it. When God is apart of the picture and the foundation of the plan, the enemy has no hold on you, but when we allow the sin filled world to dictate what is right and what we should do, then we are in trouble, because the enemy is alive and well in the world. When Dad is taken out of the scenario, we are saying they do no matter, and they absolutely matter.

Who is standing up for father’s rights? Its time we stand up and say, Dad’s matter and their desire to be apart of their child’s life, matters. It maybe your body that this child is currently residing in for a short period of time, and ladies, it really is a short period of time in the long run, but it is also his flesh and blood being created in their. It’s a life that he was apart of creating and his rights should matter.

Personally, I tell my son’s that they really need to be careful where they are putting that thing because in the end, your rights, currently do not matter and you want to make absolutely sure that she is worth it, and if she is worth it, then you had better put a ring on it before you do anything. This might actually be the start of another blog post.

Obviously I can’t tell you what to do, heck not even God can unless you are open to listening to him, but the next time you think about having sex with someone, and men, this definitely goes for you too, you had better make darn sure you understand the consequences. Men, you definitely want to make sure that you know the consequences, because your rights do not matter. You desire to do the right thing and raise that child, will not matter if she decides to have an abortion.