Get to Know Elle

Single mom to four amazing kiddos who have made my world better and my hair grayer! A Christian woman who is tired of the state of world, the lack of truth in the media and government. A woman stands firm on the word of God and firm in her beliefs and convictions. A mom living her live and enjoying the crazy hot mess that is her life…and wouldn’t change it.

You can’t have your cake and eat it to…..but the truth is you can! I recently made some changes in my life, and while cake is not a huge part of it, I do indulge on occasion. If the last couple years have taught me anything, it is that you need to live your best life NOW! Writing has always been a passion of mine and that is what I am aim to do. Lately it seems the lies of the enemy are everywhere and I got tired of the lies. Hence the name, Anchored with Truth! The truth will set you free. I am a mom to four amazing children…who are really not children anymore. Fall is my favorite season…can we say messy buns and pumpkin spice, not to mention Uggs, leggings and long sweaters! Yup! I am that girl! I love to travel, and that is part of my new life plan. I also love helping people live their best lives, and I am very invested in helping families stay together. I am on a couple missions in life: to live the life God intended me to, to be the mother and woman God created me to be, to battle the divorce rates and keep families in tact….lets put divorce lawyers out of business (sorry…but there are many avenues of law you can pursure), and to have the freedom to live life on my terms and not be slave to the time clock at work, (which I am definitely not good at apparently!) I love decorating my home and creating an environment that is filled with love, comfort…my home will never be a show room, but a place to kick off your shoes and relax!