We Need to Go Back…

Yesterday I posted a blog that mentioned a particular company who sells ridiculous items. Again, I am all for standing up for what you believe in and they are definitely doing that. However, the coat hanger should never have been a thing to begin with.

I mean who looked at a coat hanger one day in their closet and thought, ‘I can stick this up my vagina and end my problem? I mean seriously, do you know what stepping on a rusty nail does? Really…go back to that? No Girl, that should never have been an option in the first place. Whether abortion is legal or illegal, sticking a coat hanger up your vagina is just plain stupid.

This shirt irritates the crap out of me. We will not go back…well you should, just not to the days of sticking a coat hanger anywhere but in the dang closet, where it belongs. Plus, do they even make those mental hangers anymore? No one should go back to doing that…I agree, but the point of the shirt is to keep abortion legal, so they don’t have to go back to that. Well, legal or not, it’s your choice to go back to that. The thing is we all have choices and what we need to go back to is making smarter choices. Everything we do is a choice, every decision we make, good or bad, is a choice. If abortion is illegal, then it’s easy, make the choice to do the right thing and give the child up for adoption. No, the right choice is not always the easy choice, but it’s still a choice. No made people then use a coat hanger to end their pregnancy, and no would be forcing anyone now to use a coat hanger…it’s your own darn choice. Just as killing your child is currently your choice to do so. What this should say under this coat hanger is, “This will always be a stupid choice!”

We do need to go back, as I said in the previous post, back to a time when family mattered and creating life was a miracle. We need to back to a time when women didn’t degrade themselves by the kind of nonsense seen in this picture. We need to go back to when times were simpler and not every little thing was offensive. When we could appose something and not be ridiculed for disagreeing, or worse. When protesting something you believed in didn’t mean violence or burning down building. We need to go back to the days when life had meaning and was valued. All life, not just certain ones. We need to go back to respecting authority and not making it okay to kill in the name of a cause. We need to go back to logic and putting God and morality above stupidity. So, while there are somethings we definitely do not need to go back to, there are something we definitely should go back to.

Until the next Scribble…be blessed.

Author: Anchored with Truth

I always struggle with writing about myself. The most important thing is that I am a child of God. I have been blessed with four amazing children who are my heart. Writing has always been something that I have loved to do. Aside from being a child of God and a mom, I am me. As simple and as complicated as that sounds, I am me. i am not perfect, I make mistakes daily. I choose to live each day giving others grace and being kind to those who deserve it and especially to those who do not. When I am not writing, cleaning or doing the mom thing, I am probably in my kitchen, which is my favorite room of the house. I love to cook. I also love to organize and be organized. Life is definitely better when its organized, though nothing compares to love that Jesus gives us daily.

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