Beauty in Being a Woman

Sorry men, this one is strictly for the women, although I am sure there are some nuggets of truth that you will be able to use from this as well.

Look around you today and tell me what you notice about women today. Go ahead, think about it, I will wait. I have my coffee and we can sit here for a moment while you take a look at the things you notice about women today.

Now, take think back to women over the years and tell me what you think about the progression of our gender. I will give you another moment. Although, this may take more than a moment.

We have taken the beauty out of being a woman. We have made what makes us women weak, inept and something we should be ashamed of. We have made being a woman less than being a man, when that is the farthest from the truth we can get.

We are created to be kind and tender.

True story ladies. Today, kindness and tenderness are a thing of the past and something we should definitely not adhere to. It’s a sign of weakness according to the world today. If you show kindness and definitely if you are showing tenderness, you are showing weakness. Yet, that is how God made us. It takes a lot of strength to show kindness and tenderness to people, especially those who we feel do not deserve it. Let me give an example, I have a very hard time showing kindness to my ex-husband, but that is usually because I am on the defense, protecting myself from the onslaught of what I am usually sure is going to be a fight or an attack against me personally. Being kind to him is a challenge for me. To those around me, I can show him kindness and tenderness, but when faced with him, it’s a thousand times harder. Ephesians 4:32 tells us to be kind, compassionate and forgiving, just as God has forgiven us.

We are created to nurture and support.

Being a woman is definitely a supporting role, but don’t let that have you thinking we are second best. Robin supports Batman, and he is seen is a lesser than Batman by many, since he is not the actual hero, just the sidekick. If we are married, then our job as women is to support the leading man in our life, (after God). This does not neglect what we bring to the table, and it does not mean that we are less than, or that our opinions don’t matter. It does mean that we were not meant to argue with our husbands at every turn. The bible tells us in Proverbs, well actually it tells our husbands, that it is better to live in the desert or sit on a roof top, (depending on the verse you read, but both are basically the same sentiment), than to live with an argumentative wife. Not going to lie, this one hit home hard for me. I can definitely be argumentative, and I was when I was married, but mostly in order to protect myself. Nurturing and being supportive come naturally to us, when we go against that, we are going against the very fabric of who God created us to be.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing.

When did being a woman become something horrible? Our bodies are the original design for creating life. That is a beautiful thing. We grow and nurture life inside of us, until he or she is ready to make entry into the world. Our very nature to be kind, to be tender, to nurture, to support, is a beautiful thing. Not just because of the fancy shoes, clothes, jewelry or make up we can buy to create a beautiful image, but because of how God made us.

We are made to be strong.

Let’s face it men could not bear the pain and suffering that can come with childbirth. We are pushing a human baby out of bodies and into the cold, cruel world and that takes strength. In the moment, when the contractions hit and we feel that intense pain course through our bodies, we sometimes feel weak, but that is because our bodies are working overtime to kick that baby out. Our body is tired from months of creating, protecting and nurturing a tiny human being, and it is ready to be done, but strength is what gets us to the finish line. Men’s bodies were not designed like ours, and they could definitely not put with nine months of creating a life, and then having to deliver that life into the world. They are strong and they are tough, but they do not have the strength of being a woman, nor do we have the strength of being a man. They are the protectors, which requires a different kind of strength, while we are the nurturers, and our strength tends to be quiet in comparison.

Today’s world is something else. Women can be anything they want to be today, and I am not saying that this a bad thing, but what did it cost us? Today is not even about being equal to men, it’s about being superior to them. God created man and then from man, He created woman. He knew man should be along and would need someone to help him, to support him and to love him, so he created woman. Men were not meant to be alone, and women were not created to be above men, but we are not less than men either.

Each of our situations are different. Some of us today are the only parent in the house and we have to try and compensate for the missing parent. We have no choice but to be strong and sometimes I think that hardens us to the point that our kindness and tenderness have been pushed out. Let me tell you, it is exhausting. I couldn’t do it my own strength, I need God daily to help me make it from the time I wake up, to the time I finally go to sleep.

Some of us are married and are tired because we work all day, we come home, take care of the kids and do all those family and household requirements and there seems to be no rest. We have made it so that women have to work and can’t stay home, which in reality, was what we were created to do. To take care of our homes and our families while our husbands went out and provided.

Today is hard to be a woman, and it definitely seems more tiresome. Just remember this, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14. Just remember that and whenever you are thinking women are the weaker sex, which in some ways we are, just read Proverbs 31:10-31 and you will realize weak is nowhere in those verses.

Until the next Scribble….Be Blessed and Anchored in His Truth.

Author: Anchored with Truth

I always struggle with writing about myself. The most important thing is that I am a child of God. I have been blessed with four amazing children who are my heart. Writing has always been something that I have loved to do. Aside from being a child of God and a mom, I am me. As simple and as complicated as that sounds, I am me. i am not perfect, I make mistakes daily. I choose to live each day giving others grace and being kind to those who deserve it and especially to those who do not. When I am not writing, cleaning or doing the mom thing, I am probably in my kitchen, which is my favorite room of the house. I love to cook. I also love to organize and be organized. Life is definitely better when its organized, though nothing compares to love that Jesus gives us daily.

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