Lame Christianity

Today’s Christianity is for Sissy’s

Yes, I said it. Today Christianity is for the weak hearted person. Sitting in some churches, we do worship and we sing about how great God is and the love He has for us and the forgiveness He gives us. We listen to pretty sermons wrapped in a bow and presented on a platter that is picture worthy. We talk about His love for us, we talk about Faith and how our faith will see us through and all the comfortable parts of the bible that keep us wrapped in a cozy blanket and we feel we have done good just by going to church.

Faith and love are important parts of the Christian faith. We make the bible such a simple book in today’s Christian world, but the bible is so much more than the pretty packaging that is today’s sermons. With this type of Christianity we are in the gray area…oh and how I hate gray areas, unless its a color on a wall. Can we stand in the gray and get to Heaven? Maybe. I don’t pretend to comprehend God’s plan, but what I do know is that when we cater to the world and we make Christianity politically correct and try to fit in the worlds norms and what the world deems acceptable, we have a problem. We are essentially conforming to the world, instead trying to get the world to conform to Christ. Let me say that again…


The follower of Christ does not have an easy path. It is not smooth and paved with gold, nor is it a pretty scenic path in the woods that is tranquil and calm. Friend it is the uphill battle of a lifetime and sometimes it feels like that uphill climb never ends. Think of your grandparents stories when you were kid about how they walked to school, uphill both ways, everyday and never complained, that about sums up following Christ. We have silenced Christ in order to get butts into pews. We have sacrificed a lot in order to have the biggest congregation we can get.

I’m not here to judge how you do your walk with Jesus, that is between, you, Him and the Father. What I am here to say is that we need to be having the hard conversations, we need to be delving into what I feel is the hardest and scariest book in the bible, Revelations. We need to be showing the world that we are different and that while we love them, we do not conform to them, we do not condone their sin, but we love them. We are not here to tell them what to do with their lives, we are here to share the love of Jesus and the Bible!

We are not here to make life comfortable for people, but we are also not here to condemn them to Hell. We are here to share Biblical, honest truth and it is up to them what they do with it. Some will fight it and hate it, because the enemy has them wrapped tightly around his little finger. We need to stop telling people they can get into Heaven by just doing good works. We need to stop having sugar coated sermons that make everyone happy and comfortable with their hour a week in church.

We need to call sin, sin and we need to stop being complacent. We are in a spiritual battle and the goal is Heaven. The goal is get people to clean up their lives and realize that being a good person is flawed theology. It is time to stop being lame Christians, we need to rise up and fight Satan on his turf, we need to be take up the Armor of God and actually use it! Not just wear it and call it a day or try to look the part we need to be playing. Recently my son joined the MJROTC at school and he LOVES the uniform and LOVES to wear it, and he will wear it all day, every day just because he like the way it looks, but the uniform has a purpose, it is not made to just look pretty. When we put on the armor of God, We have a purpose and we need to be prepared to go into battle with it.

Spend some time in Romans and read up on the Armor of God! Read it, wear it and use it! Let’s stop this lame Christianity momentum we have going on in our country and our world. Let’s stand up and show the world what it means to be a follower of Christ! Stop placating everyone to try and create Christianity around what is comfortable, worldly and politically correct. God is never going to be politically correct! He will never conform to the world He created.

So what are you going to do? Stand and Fight, or lay day down and die (Spiritually)?

The choice is yours my friend.

Unitl the next Scribble….Stay Anchored!

Author: Anchored with Truth

I always struggle with writing about myself. The most important thing is that I am a child of God. I have been blessed with four amazing children who are my heart. Writing has always been something that I have loved to do. Aside from being a child of God and a mom, I am me. As simple and as complicated as that sounds, I am me. i am not perfect, I make mistakes daily. I choose to live each day giving others grace and being kind to those who deserve it and especially to those who do not. When I am not writing, cleaning or doing the mom thing, I am probably in my kitchen, which is my favorite room of the house. I love to cook. I also love to organize and be organized. Life is definitely better when its organized, though nothing compares to love that Jesus gives us daily.

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