One Mom’s Reason Not To Homeschool…

I want my children to be Jesus on the playground!

This is definitely an opinion piece. The push to homeschool kids has increased immensely. You could choose a private Christian school if you don’t choose to homeschool, but we should not send our children to public school.

I beg to differ.

To homeschool or not to homeschool that is the question!

Yes, these schools are filled with everything worldly and all things we as Christians are against. Curriculum is filled with things we don’t want our children learning and now we have to talk to our children about topics our parents really didn’t. Public schools are filled with everything we as parents want to shield our children from, drugs, sex, swearing, gender confusion, and the list goes on.

So why on earth would this mom not want to homeschool? Quite simple really. We are representations of Christ to the world. We are the ones who are here to draw people to Christ and therefore the world needs us to be the example of Christ. As adults we go on missions trips (some kids do too), we talk to others about the bible and all the good things that Christ has done for us. We tell of His grace and forgiveness. We tell others about His love. At work, we are the example of Christ in us.

Well if we take all the Christian kids out of schools who is going to be the example of Christ to the nonbelieving kids? Our children need us to be the example and as that example we need to be encouraging them to talk to their friends and classmates about Jesus. How are they going to do that while being homeschooled? Yes, I would love to wrap my kids up in a bubble and protect them from all the ugliness that is in the world, but what favors am I doing for them if I do that? None. How does your child invite other kids from school to their youth group?

Also, we should not be protecting our children from the worldly things out there. At some point in their lives they are going to run into same sex couples, drugs, alcohol, sex, transgender people, witchcraft and the list goes one. I never understood parents who shield their children for everything because they don’t want them introduced to it. I always found that it brought about great conversations with my children and it taught them how to respond to these situations. It also teaches them how, as a Christian to be Jesus to these people without condemning them to hell. As Christians it is not our job to judge non-Christians, or tell them they are going to hell if they don’t change their ways, that has never won people over to Jesus. It is our job to be Jesus to them. To love them to Christ. Yes, we need to stick to our beliefs, but we also need to be kind. The Fruits of the Spirit are not, conflict, hate, despair, impatience, meanness, anger, indiscipline, unfaithfulness and badness! Our children need to be displaying the fruits of the spirit to those around them and they need to be in public schools to fight a spiritual battle where we as parents typically cannot. Our ‘ministry’ field is our work, our social circles, our neighborhoods, but our children have a unique opportunity to reach the children of this world through school and sports or other extracurricular activities.

God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. – John 3:17

Let our children out into the world, sure they might get hurt, but parents, that is inevitable. Jesus never said that if we were followers of His, that we would have an easy life! He said, the exact opposite, and being Jesus to the world is hard walk, but so worth it if saves even just one soul for the kingdom. I am not against homeschooling, sometimes its the only option. There are other reasons I choose not to homeschool my children, but the biggest one is, they have a huge opportunity to show other children who Jesus is.

Author: Anchored with Truth

I always struggle with writing about myself. The most important thing is that I am a child of God. I have been blessed with four amazing children who are my heart. Writing has always been something that I have loved to do. Aside from being a child of God and a mom, I am me. As simple and as complicated as that sounds, I am me. i am not perfect, I make mistakes daily. I choose to live each day giving others grace and being kind to those who deserve it and especially to those who do not. When I am not writing, cleaning or doing the mom thing, I am probably in my kitchen, which is my favorite room of the house. I love to cook. I also love to organize and be organized. Life is definitely better when its organized, though nothing compares to love that Jesus gives us daily.

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