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We Need to Go Back…

Yesterday I posted a blog that mentioned a particular company who sells ridiculous items. Again, I am all for standing up for what you believe in and they are definitely doing that. However, the coat hanger should never have been a thing to begin with.

I mean who looked at a coat hanger one day in their closet and thought, ‘I can stick this up my vagina and end my problem? I mean seriously, do you know what stepping on a rusty nail does? Really…go back to that? No Girl, that should never have been an option in the first place. Whether abortion is legal or illegal, sticking a coat hanger up your vagina is just plain stupid.

This shirt irritates the crap out of me. We will not go back…well you should, just not to the days of sticking a coat hanger anywhere but in the dang closet, where it belongs. Plus, do they even make those mental hangers anymore? No one should go back to doing that…I agree, but the point of the shirt is to keep abortion legal, so they don’t have to go back to that. Well, legal or not, it’s your choice to go back to that. The thing is we all have choices and what we need to go back to is making smarter choices. Everything we do is a choice, every decision we make, good or bad, is a choice. If abortion is illegal, then it’s easy, make the choice to do the right thing and give the child up for adoption. No, the right choice is not always the easy choice, but it’s still a choice. No made people then use a coat hanger to end their pregnancy, and no would be forcing anyone now to use a coat hanger…it’s your own darn choice. Just as killing your child is currently your choice to do so. What this should say under this coat hanger is, “This will always be a stupid choice!”

We do need to go back, as I said in the previous post, back to a time when family mattered and creating life was a miracle. We need to back to a time when women didn’t degrade themselves by the kind of nonsense seen in this picture. We need to go back to when times were simpler and not every little thing was offensive. When we could appose something and not be ridiculed for disagreeing, or worse. When protesting something you believed in didn’t mean violence or burning down building. We need to go back to the days when life had meaning and was valued. All life, not just certain ones. We need to go back to respecting authority and not making it okay to kill in the name of a cause. We need to go back to logic and putting God and morality above stupidity. So, while there are somethings we definitely do not need to go back to, there are something we definitely should go back to.

Until the next Scribble…be blessed.


Beauty in Being a Woman

Sorry men, this one is strictly for the women, although I am sure there are some nuggets of truth that you will be able to use from this as well.

Look around you today and tell me what you notice about women today. Go ahead, think about it, I will wait. I have my coffee and we can sit here for a moment while you take a look at the things you notice about women today.

Now, take think back to women over the years and tell me what you think about the progression of our gender. I will give you another moment. Although, this may take more than a moment.

We have taken the beauty out of being a woman. We have made what makes us women weak, inept and something we should be ashamed of. We have made being a woman less than being a man, when that is the farthest from the truth we can get.

We are created to be kind and tender.

True story ladies. Today, kindness and tenderness are a thing of the past and something we should definitely not adhere to. It’s a sign of weakness according to the world today. If you show kindness and definitely if you are showing tenderness, you are showing weakness. Yet, that is how God made us. It takes a lot of strength to show kindness and tenderness to people, especially those who we feel do not deserve it. Let me give an example, I have a very hard time showing kindness to my ex-husband, but that is usually because I am on the defense, protecting myself from the onslaught of what I am usually sure is going to be a fight or an attack against me personally. Being kind to him is a challenge for me. To those around me, I can show him kindness and tenderness, but when faced with him, it’s a thousand times harder. Ephesians 4:32 tells us to be kind, compassionate and forgiving, just as God has forgiven us.

We are created to nurture and support.

Being a woman is definitely a supporting role, but don’t let that have you thinking we are second best. Robin supports Batman, and he is seen is a lesser than Batman by many, since he is not the actual hero, just the sidekick. If we are married, then our job as women is to support the leading man in our life, (after God). This does not neglect what we bring to the table, and it does not mean that we are less than, or that our opinions don’t matter. It does mean that we were not meant to argue with our husbands at every turn. The bible tells us in Proverbs, well actually it tells our husbands, that it is better to live in the desert or sit on a roof top, (depending on the verse you read, but both are basically the same sentiment), than to live with an argumentative wife. Not going to lie, this one hit home hard for me. I can definitely be argumentative, and I was when I was married, but mostly in order to protect myself. Nurturing and being supportive come naturally to us, when we go against that, we are going against the very fabric of who God created us to be.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing.

When did being a woman become something horrible? Our bodies are the original design for creating life. That is a beautiful thing. We grow and nurture life inside of us, until he or she is ready to make entry into the world. Our very nature to be kind, to be tender, to nurture, to support, is a beautiful thing. Not just because of the fancy shoes, clothes, jewelry or make up we can buy to create a beautiful image, but because of how God made us.

We are made to be strong.

Let’s face it men could not bear the pain and suffering that can come with childbirth. We are pushing a human baby out of bodies and into the cold, cruel world and that takes strength. In the moment, when the contractions hit and we feel that intense pain course through our bodies, we sometimes feel weak, but that is because our bodies are working overtime to kick that baby out. Our body is tired from months of creating, protecting and nurturing a tiny human being, and it is ready to be done, but strength is what gets us to the finish line. Men’s bodies were not designed like ours, and they could definitely not put with nine months of creating a life, and then having to deliver that life into the world. They are strong and they are tough, but they do not have the strength of being a woman, nor do we have the strength of being a man. They are the protectors, which requires a different kind of strength, while we are the nurturers, and our strength tends to be quiet in comparison.

Today’s world is something else. Women can be anything they want to be today, and I am not saying that this a bad thing, but what did it cost us? Today is not even about being equal to men, it’s about being superior to them. God created man and then from man, He created woman. He knew man should be along and would need someone to help him, to support him and to love him, so he created woman. Men were not meant to be alone, and women were not created to be above men, but we are not less than men either.

Each of our situations are different. Some of us today are the only parent in the house and we have to try and compensate for the missing parent. We have no choice but to be strong and sometimes I think that hardens us to the point that our kindness and tenderness have been pushed out. Let me tell you, it is exhausting. I couldn’t do it my own strength, I need God daily to help me make it from the time I wake up, to the time I finally go to sleep.

Some of us are married and are tired because we work all day, we come home, take care of the kids and do all those family and household requirements and there seems to be no rest. We have made it so that women have to work and can’t stay home, which in reality, was what we were created to do. To take care of our homes and our families while our husbands went out and provided.

Today is hard to be a woman, and it definitely seems more tiresome. Just remember this, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalms 139:14. Just remember that and whenever you are thinking women are the weaker sex, which in some ways we are, just read Proverbs 31:10-31 and you will realize weak is nowhere in those verses.

Until the next Scribble….Be Blessed and Anchored in His Truth.

Time to Stand

I am taking full advantage of the snow days we have had here and taking it easy today. I love a snowy day and I love being wrapped up in a blanket with my coffee, writing and planning things to add to this site. It is a work in progress.

As I was browsing the web, I came across a site that made me vomit a little in my mouth. An activist clothing site that is pro-abortion and according to what I have read makes monthly donations to planned parenthood in the former President Donald Trump’s name. That is absolutely disgusting. Not to mention morally unethical on many levels. You wany to fight for a cause, fight it in your own name, not someone you oppose, or anyone else for that matter.

The website, is where you can go to find products that are pro-abortion, have boobs on them, vaginas on socks, a coat hanger graphic that says, “We won’t go back!” This is what women have stooped to to promote their cause?

We need to go back, back to the days where family actually meant something to people and society, where life, all life has value and meaning. We need to go back to when being a woman was a gift, not a curse. When growing a life inside of you was an honor, something to be treasured and protected. We need to go back before hatred, violence and murder in the name of a cause was the route to take. We need to go back to so much more than what we have become.

For those of you that are actually paying attention, God needs to be front and center in our lives and we need to put Him first and start teaching our daughters it is not okay to have an abortion. That abortion is not the answer to pregnancy. We need to teach our sons to take responsibility for the life they helped create. We also need to help give fathers a voice in this matter. It’s their child too, part of them helped create that child and now it’s time to fight back.

Be on the lookout for the online store that I will be creating soon. We will be putting in merch that supports the life we support, that supports pro-life, pro-family, pro-God and anything else that we need to take on. For every disgusting website like, we need more stores and business that support the opposite of their causes. We need more faith-based businesses creating clothing, jewelry, etc… to pop up, stand up and join the fight. We are literally fighting for life. Let me know if you have any ideas of products to add to the store.

Until the next scribble…be blessed!

When Our Children Walk Through Fire.

The parenting handbooks don’t prepare you for the last couple weeks we have had. Long story short, my son has been having issues at his school and mom has not entirely handled it well. In fact, M has handled it better than I have and that is saying a lot. I have been angry and somewhat hostile toward his school administration, because as a mom, I am angry and my heart hurts for my child. The thing is I have been looking at this from a mom perspective, which is not entirely wrong, but the lenses can get cloudy at times.

It took a student I was talking to on the phone to allow me to see that I have been looking at this the wrong way. I need to look at through the eyes of God, harder to do. While I may not understand why my child is going through the fire he is going through, fire refines, and he will come through this strong and closer to God. His faith and his spirit are being refined. 1 Peter 7: These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold – though your faith is far more precious than gold. So, when your faith is strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise, glory and honor on the day Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. His faith is being tested. My faith is being tested. As I talked to this student, she reminded me that Satan does not talk anyone who he feels is not a threat, he attacks those that are a threat to him.

Our mom lenses can be extremely foggy when it is our child being attacked. We want to go on the offensive, strike back, when in reality we need to hit the ground on our knees. Satan knows we are more powerful than any human weapon when we are on our knees. It is not our place to seek the revenge that our human mom lenses want to seek. Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Satan wants us to seek revenge, because then we are not doing what God wants us to do. We are not trusting him in the fire. It’s like I have told my children when they seek revenge on their siblings, if you take it upon yourself to punish your sibling, then I have been taken out of the equation. They don’t deserve to be punished twice and you took it upon yourself to punish them. It is the same with God. If we seek revenge, we have effectively placed ourselves in God’s position instead of letting Him, in all his infinite wisdom and understanding, handle it. Just as my kids did with their offending sibling.

As this student, a complete stranger, assured me that my son will be alright, that he is being tested and God has His hand upon his life, I reminded myself that I need to take off the mom lenses and see the situation as God refining my child. It is hard to see our children struggle and to be attacked, but it is even harder to step back and let God be in control. Yes, we need to have our children’s back, and yes, we do need to protect them, but we also need to give them room to grow and to learn to depend on God. Our children can’t grow into the men and women God is developing them to be if we stand in His way. That doesn’t mean we don’t stand up for our children, but it does mean that every step we take in that stand, has to glorify God, not the revengeful human side of us.

God has trusted us with the care and upbringing of these little people but ultimately, they are His children. I think of Mary, raising her own savior and wonder how she must have felt knowing that the baby she carried, the child she raised, the man she watched do God’s work, was going to save the world. Just as Mary was raising up a child that was God’s child, while certainly not on the same level, we are doing the same. We have a responsibility to our children to allow them to grow their faith, walk through the fire and love them through it.

Even as I sit her writing this, it is hard for me. I love my children and I want to protect them from all the evil of this world; however, they will then not be capable of taking on the evil of this world. They won’t be equipped to fight these battles on a spiritual level if we do the fighting for them. They need to learn about the armor of God and how to use it fight these spiritual battles. Our battles, while through human eyes appear to be flesh and blood, we know that the truth is the battle is with the spiritual world. Satan is using those who allow him to use them, to attack us. I say that loosely, as most don’t know that they are being used by Satan,

The next time your child is walking through fire, fall to your knees and allow them to go through it, don’t try to lift them over it and protect them from it. They will be stronger for it, you will be stronger for it and as mom (or dad) you will learn more about releasing control of your child to God.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until the next Scribble…be blessed.

Joy in the Storm

This week has been one of the hardest weeks of being a mom I have had and as a mom with four children, there have been difficult times. It is tough to watch your child struggle and go through the fire. As a mom it is our job to the advocate for our children and to stand up for them when they can’t. Am I defensive for my children, absolutely, but I also know that they are not perfect.

Through this journey I have asked God why we are going through yet another challenge after barely getting through the previous one. I was reading my bible study yesterday and a passage hit me regarding Abraham and Sarah. God told Abraham to name his son Issac which means, laughter. God brought Sarah joy and redemption through what in human eyes would appear to be an impossible situation. Yet at 90 years old, Sarah had Issac.

We are in what seems like an impossible situation, but I am reminded that with God there is no impossible situation. With God all things are possible. Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The story of Abraham and Sarah reminds me that there is also joy in every situation. It may be hard to find the joy, but you can always find it, if you are willing. We have laughed through this situation; we have spent time together as a family. We have prayed as a family over each other, but most importantly we are learning once again what it means to stand firm in God’s truth.

Issac means laughter and being a mom to Issac brought Sarah joy and laughter. Matthew means, gift of God. Matthew definitely is a gift from God, he was born after my doctor told us I could not have any more children. We had three at the time, so this didn’t seem like a big deal to us and then at the most inopportune time Matthew was conceived. There is essentially no perfect time to have a baby, but there is essentially a really bad time to have a baby and my husband had lost his job and we were struggling, and here comes Matthew, our gift from God. Watching him now is hard for me as a mom, but I know that the other side of this storm there will be growth and God will replace what has been taken from him. What the enemy has taken from Him, God will give it back and it will be better than before. The now is hard when you can’t see the future and the outcome.

Satan come like a thief in the night to steal, kill and destroy, but God is light, and the light reveals what the shadows of the night try to hide. We will laugh through this trial; we will worship God through this storm and will hold fast to the promises of God. Satan wants to use this current storm to break us, but God will use it to strengthen us. As I anchor myself in the promises of God, I will continue to find the joy, to laugh and to be the anchor my son needs right now. God never promised us an easy life, but He does promise to be there for us. We are not walking through this storm alone.

I don’t know what storms you are currently in the midst of, but I know that if you reach out to God, He will anchor you. He will see you though to calms waters and safe shores. Through your storm you will find healing, growth and find yourself further anchored in God’s truth. I know it seems hard right now, but you are not alone. You will come through to the other side.

Until the next Scribble….stay anchored in God’s Truth!

Lame Christianity

Today’s Christianity is for Sissy’s

Yes, I said it. Today Christianity is for the weak hearted person. Sitting in some churches, we do worship and we sing about how great God is and the love He has for us and the forgiveness He gives us. We listen to pretty sermons wrapped in a bow and presented on a platter that is picture worthy. We talk about His love for us, we talk about Faith and how our faith will see us through and all the comfortable parts of the bible that keep us wrapped in a cozy blanket and we feel we have done good just by going to church.

Faith and love are important parts of the Christian faith. We make the bible such a simple book in today’s Christian world, but the bible is so much more than the pretty packaging that is today’s sermons. With this type of Christianity we are in the gray area…oh and how I hate gray areas, unless its a color on a wall. Can we stand in the gray and get to Heaven? Maybe. I don’t pretend to comprehend God’s plan, but what I do know is that when we cater to the world and we make Christianity politically correct and try to fit in the worlds norms and what the world deems acceptable, we have a problem. We are essentially conforming to the world, instead trying to get the world to conform to Christ. Let me say that again…


The follower of Christ does not have an easy path. It is not smooth and paved with gold, nor is it a pretty scenic path in the woods that is tranquil and calm. Friend it is the uphill battle of a lifetime and sometimes it feels like that uphill climb never ends. Think of your grandparents stories when you were kid about how they walked to school, uphill both ways, everyday and never complained, that about sums up following Christ. We have silenced Christ in order to get butts into pews. We have sacrificed a lot in order to have the biggest congregation we can get.

I’m not here to judge how you do your walk with Jesus, that is between, you, Him and the Father. What I am here to say is that we need to be having the hard conversations, we need to be delving into what I feel is the hardest and scariest book in the bible, Revelations. We need to be showing the world that we are different and that while we love them, we do not conform to them, we do not condone their sin, but we love them. We are not here to tell them what to do with their lives, we are here to share the love of Jesus and the Bible!

We are not here to make life comfortable for people, but we are also not here to condemn them to Hell. We are here to share Biblical, honest truth and it is up to them what they do with it. Some will fight it and hate it, because the enemy has them wrapped tightly around his little finger. We need to stop telling people they can get into Heaven by just doing good works. We need to stop having sugar coated sermons that make everyone happy and comfortable with their hour a week in church.

We need to call sin, sin and we need to stop being complacent. We are in a spiritual battle and the goal is Heaven. The goal is get people to clean up their lives and realize that being a good person is flawed theology. It is time to stop being lame Christians, we need to rise up and fight Satan on his turf, we need to be take up the Armor of God and actually use it! Not just wear it and call it a day or try to look the part we need to be playing. Recently my son joined the MJROTC at school and he LOVES the uniform and LOVES to wear it, and he will wear it all day, every day just because he like the way it looks, but the uniform has a purpose, it is not made to just look pretty. When we put on the armor of God, We have a purpose and we need to be prepared to go into battle with it.

Spend some time in Romans and read up on the Armor of God! Read it, wear it and use it! Let’s stop this lame Christianity momentum we have going on in our country and our world. Let’s stand up and show the world what it means to be a follower of Christ! Stop placating everyone to try and create Christianity around what is comfortable, worldly and politically correct. God is never going to be politically correct! He will never conform to the world He created.

So what are you going to do? Stand and Fight, or lay day down and die (Spiritually)?

The choice is yours my friend.

Unitl the next Scribble….Stay Anchored!

Social Media Blackout

Time to Get Back To Basics

You reached for your fun for daily, well lets face it more like minute-by-minute play of what is going in the world of social media, and its gone. Just like flipping off a light switch your connection to, well, everything was gone. What do you do now? How do you connect now? Your business is essentially solely ran on Facebook and Instagram, how are you going to connect with your client base or let them know what is going? How long is this going to be happening for? Three hours in you are panicking, what is Jenny up to? Is she beating me in likes? AM I going to have to go door to door to show people what I ate for lunch? How will I argue with people I have never met and don’t even really care about?

Did the Facebook outage scare you?

Many memes have been posted, some funny and some scarily enough are true. Don’t get me wrong, I use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends and I have groups were for each business I run and a book club, and God knows what other groups I belong to. Facebook is a part of our every day lives and the question we really need to be asking ourselves is why? I was looking at all the memes on Tuesday, I was at work when social media went down on Monday, so I really didn’t notice, but as I was reading these memes and laughing at some of them, I was struck by how out of touch we really are for how connected we appear to be.

Social media is a great to advertise and you can get clients from all over the world, literally. However, it is a platform that has gone seriously wrong. I haven’t really read much on the Whistleblower regarding Instagram and Facebook, but I will, however, I don’t need a whistleblower to tell me how wrong we have become in the light of social media and technology.

The problem…we depend on it. We crave it. We have to have it, its literally an addiction. The drama, the hype, the negativity and strife it is causing, when really it was a great idea to be a way to connect with family and friends who live overseas or across the country. It had potential to be a great resource but now it has become a cause for great concern.

Just yesterday I was looking at some of the posts my friends have done, and I see people who are supposed to be family acting like toddlers and fighting right there online because they don’t agree on the vaccine and they are literally just not going to associate with one another anymore, well, except to continue to fight back and forth on social media, but in person they are just done. They never want to see each other again, but heaven forbid the other gets the last word on social media.

Friends, it is past time to get back to basics. Yes basic. What I mean is we need to connect in person, not on social media. We need to rediscover the lost art of writing a hand written card, note or letter and sending it in the actual mail. I mean, write a letter, put it in an envelope (its those little white papery things everyone hates to lick to seal! Actually they come in all kinds of sizes and colors now.), address it, (no hon, not with their email address, their house address. Yes, their homes have an address), and put a stamp on it and put in the mailbox, (you know, that box outside your house that occasionally a guy in a uniform puts stuff into). Why this over an email? Let me tell you, its about the personal touch, it says you thought about them and actually put time an effort into connecting with them.

Its time to bring back personal connections and conversations. I love my online book club, because people can attend who don’t live nearby and that is amazing, but what about the people close to you, in your church, at work, in your neighborhood? Let’s bring those back.

Now I know, COVID is real and its a thing, but why are we letting it keep us further disconnected? Fear. That is it. Fear. Suddenly people fear getting sick, yet, save a few who legitimately had a right to fear getting sick, we are living our lives in fear. We are disconnecting from everyone around because the government tells us it is safer. Take a look at the mental health issues that are climbing, it is not safer. People need to connect with people. We need human connection and yes, there is a real possibility you might get sick, but friends, we were never guaranteed to live forever. Mortality is not promised or a reality for any of us. Kids need to be outside playing with each other. We watched, ‘Dennis the Mennis’, the other day and let me tell you, watching those kids outside playing, building treehouses, causing trouble (yeah I said it), and just being kids, was something I do not see anymore. Kids are holed up in their homes and hidden from everyone. No more group hockey in the road, or riding bikes together. Its kind of sad really. We need more community connections again.

Even with my businesses I am planning to move my groups off Facebook and to spend more time connecting individually with my clients and customers. Go back to sending out catalogues and sending Thank You cards in the mail. All that sincere and fun stuff that we have forgotten.

We need to be more connected and plugged in to our families, our churches, our communities and especially with God. We need to be more involved with our families that we are with the lives of virtual strangers on social media. We need to go back to parenting our kids and teaching basic values and morals, so that they don’t grow up thinking its okay to bully someone from behind a screen. Internet bullying is a topic for another day, but an important one. We need to be sitting face-to-face with the people we care about and showing them that we care about them. That they matter in our lives.

It is also time to take Facebook down to the bare minimum. To keep family and friends we love and delete everyone else. It should be a place to show of our kids and families, our pets and our lives to those we love and know. Use it for what it should have been created for, not stalking your ex or his new girlfriend. Not stalking the hot girls and guys at your college and bullying the unpopular kids at school. We are seriously lacking in a lot of areas in our lives, myself included. Humanity is seriously lacking. Its time to tell Social Media, we are done allowing you cause more division and strife in our homes, our families and all of our relationships.

One Mom’s Reason Not To Homeschool…

I want my children to be Jesus on the playground!

This is definitely an opinion piece. The push to homeschool kids has increased immensely. You could choose a private Christian school if you don’t choose to homeschool, but we should not send our children to public school.

I beg to differ.

To homeschool or not to homeschool that is the question!

Yes, these schools are filled with everything worldly and all things we as Christians are against. Curriculum is filled with things we don’t want our children learning and now we have to talk to our children about topics our parents really didn’t. Public schools are filled with everything we as parents want to shield our children from, drugs, sex, swearing, gender confusion, and the list goes on.

So why on earth would this mom not want to homeschool? Quite simple really. We are representations of Christ to the world. We are the ones who are here to draw people to Christ and therefore the world needs us to be the example of Christ. As adults we go on missions trips (some kids do too), we talk to others about the bible and all the good things that Christ has done for us. We tell of His grace and forgiveness. We tell others about His love. At work, we are the example of Christ in us.

Well if we take all the Christian kids out of schools who is going to be the example of Christ to the nonbelieving kids? Our children need us to be the example and as that example we need to be encouraging them to talk to their friends and classmates about Jesus. How are they going to do that while being homeschooled? Yes, I would love to wrap my kids up in a bubble and protect them from all the ugliness that is in the world, but what favors am I doing for them if I do that? None. How does your child invite other kids from school to their youth group?

Also, we should not be protecting our children from the worldly things out there. At some point in their lives they are going to run into same sex couples, drugs, alcohol, sex, transgender people, witchcraft and the list goes one. I never understood parents who shield their children for everything because they don’t want them introduced to it. I always found that it brought about great conversations with my children and it taught them how to respond to these situations. It also teaches them how, as a Christian to be Jesus to these people without condemning them to hell. As Christians it is not our job to judge non-Christians, or tell them they are going to hell if they don’t change their ways, that has never won people over to Jesus. It is our job to be Jesus to them. To love them to Christ. Yes, we need to stick to our beliefs, but we also need to be kind. The Fruits of the Spirit are not, conflict, hate, despair, impatience, meanness, anger, indiscipline, unfaithfulness and badness! Our children need to be displaying the fruits of the spirit to those around them and they need to be in public schools to fight a spiritual battle where we as parents typically cannot. Our ‘ministry’ field is our work, our social circles, our neighborhoods, but our children have a unique opportunity to reach the children of this world through school and sports or other extracurricular activities.

God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. – John 3:17

Let our children out into the world, sure they might get hurt, but parents, that is inevitable. Jesus never said that if we were followers of His, that we would have an easy life! He said, the exact opposite, and being Jesus to the world is hard walk, but so worth it if saves even just one soul for the kingdom. I am not against homeschooling, sometimes its the only option. There are other reasons I choose not to homeschool my children, but the biggest one is, they have a huge opportunity to show other children who Jesus is.

Dads….Don’t They Have Rights Too?

Since abortion is a hot topic button lately, let’s get right down to the real nitty gritty. Women like to use the phrase, “My body, my choice.” They also like to throw out ignorant things like a man should not be making decisions for my body, well honey, a man used that body to get you pregnant, something you allowed, and the baby, well, the baby had no say. That is just the truth of the matter. You didn’t get pregnant on your own, you did not get pregnant by another female, you got pregnant by a man.

Let’s talk about Dad’s rights, because if it is your body, your choice, it is most certainly his sperm, his choice. In a class I took, women were all about the rights of women in regards to their bodies, but when it came to the men, they were not all about their rights. Heaven forbid you be the woman defending the man’s rights in this class. Yet, when it comes to having an abortion, they have none. That is their child growing inside of you and they have no say or no way to protect the life that is growing. That is just ridiculous, right? Heaven forbid a man actually steps up and wants to be a man and take care of his child, but its your body and you don’t want to spend nine months carrying him or her around, so he can have it. I get it, you are not ready to be a mom, but for the nine minutes it took to create that life, you were not considering the potential consequences.

Your body your choice, but what what about his sperm, his choice?

When a woman gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby, she has all the rights there too, but what if the man says he doesn’t want to be a dad? What are his opt out options? You can go after him for child support, and will most likely get it. I have seen cases where Dad is denied rights to see his own child, but is mandated to pay for the child. Yet, when women get pregnant and want to keep the baby, they fully expect to have the mans wallet opened to pay for the child. Your body, your choice, but what about his wallet, his choice? Oh, no, I bet you really don’t like that phrase.

The narrative only fits when it suits what YOU are aiming for. Dad’s should have rights to. Dad should be able to go to court and prevent an abortion for the sake of allowing him to raise the child on his own. Hey, its win, win, you don’t have to be apart of the life you don’t want, and he gets to be the dad he wants to be.

Don’t get me wrong and twist my words, my wallet scenario is essentially fair, but neither situation is a good one in my opinion. Why do you think God intended sex to be only for marriage? Because obviously outside of marriage, it is messy. God intended for families to be created within the bonds of marriage, not on the outside of it. When God is apart of the picture and the foundation of the plan, the enemy has no hold on you, but when we allow the sin filled world to dictate what is right and what we should do, then we are in trouble, because the enemy is alive and well in the world. When Dad is taken out of the scenario, we are saying they do no matter, and they absolutely matter.

Who is standing up for father’s rights? Its time we stand up and say, Dad’s matter and their desire to be apart of their child’s life, matters. It maybe your body that this child is currently residing in for a short period of time, and ladies, it really is a short period of time in the long run, but it is also his flesh and blood being created in their. It’s a life that he was apart of creating and his rights should matter.

Personally, I tell my son’s that they really need to be careful where they are putting that thing because in the end, your rights, currently do not matter and you want to make absolutely sure that she is worth it, and if she is worth it, then you had better put a ring on it before you do anything. This might actually be the start of another blog post.

Obviously I can’t tell you what to do, heck not even God can unless you are open to listening to him, but the next time you think about having sex with someone, and men, this definitely goes for you too, you had better make darn sure you understand the consequences. Men, you definitely want to make sure that you know the consequences, because your rights do not matter. You desire to do the right thing and raise that child, will not matter if she decides to have an abortion.


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